Creating Clear Instructions and Limits for Your Assistants

Virtual-AssistantIf you have an Virtual Assistant that helps you with your business, it’s very important to create a process whereby you provide them with clear instructions and limits. You want your VA to know when it’s okay to contact you, what method you want them to use, and what deliverables you’re expecting. But, at the same time, you also want to empower them to help you improve your systems.

Hire More Than One VA

Don’t expect that one VA can realistically do every task and project you have from A to Z. In fact, your business will run more smoothly if you have different VAs to do different portions of any one project. Then have a project manager, which can be you or someone else, who puts it all together. [Continue reading]

Automating Your Business So You Can Go on Vacation 

As a home business owner it's important to make plans to take periodic vacations. That means a real vacation to turn off all the computers, disconnect from social media, and spend time with your family. Everyone needs a vacation. The problem is, … [Continue reading]

Blogging – Why Images Matter

The most important type of content for marketing your business today is arguably the content you put on your website's blog. This is the content that will attract visitors via the search engine traffic that the keyword-rich content will generate when … [Continue reading]

Seven Tips to Blogging Effectively

You know you're supposed to blog to help bring traffic to your website. However, it's important to have a plan about what you're going to blog about, what format everything will be in, and to understand what your goals are. Without knowing the point … [Continue reading]

Creating Online Presentations and Slideshows

Sometimes it's easy to forget that content isn't just a blog post or an article. There are many different types of content marketing that gets results. One type of online content marketing that works is presentations such as slide shows. There are … [Continue reading]

Content Marketing: Using Video

Video has become a driving force in content marketing. One only has to look as far as YouTube's success to see that video content is a thriving entity all on its own. In fact, you can create a thriving business using mostly video as your main type of … [Continue reading]

Engage and Attract with Targeted Content

You know by now that you need unique and regular content on your website and/or blog in order to get more traffic. But, did you know that you also need to be concerned with who you are targeting? You want to ensure that all your blog posts and all … [Continue reading]