The Truth About the Empower Network

Feb 2012 Update – PLEASE NOTE:  I am no longer a member of Empower Network. While I still believe it is great program, I chose to focus solely on my Skinny Body Care business instead! I do not believe anyone in Skinny Body Care should join Empower Network simply because YOU DO NOT NEED IT! SBC distributors are provided all of the tools needed to build a successful business and our team provides FREE training that will save you money, rather than spending it on Empower Network. Contact me if you have questions or would like to join my team! – Mikayla


The Empower Network was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe – two network marketing industry leaders. In a nutshell, the Empower Network offers their members a complete viral blogging system that includes your own blog installed on the network domain for maximum search engine optimization and traffic generation ability. They also offer elite marketing training in the form of streaming and downloadable audio and video tutorials and in-depth training presentations.

Is the Empower Network a Legitimate Business?

Yes. The company – Empower Network, LLC – is a Delaware company with a registered address in Florida, the state where company co-founder David Sharpe resides.  My research shows that the company originally showed a registered address in Alaska, former resident of David Wood (who now lives in Costa Rica). I’ve included a screenshot from the States of Delaware (Division of Corporations) showing that the Empower Network. LLC is a legitimately registered business in the USA.

Empower Network, LLC

Here’s What the Empower Network is NOT:

  • The Empower Network is NOT a scam
  • The Empower Network is NOT a money game
  • The Empower Network is NOT a money cycler system
  • The Empower Network is NOT another hyped up product launch
  • The Empower Network is NOT  pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme
  • The Empower Network is NOT another network marketing opportunity

What’s All the Buzz Around the Empower Network?

The Empower Network officially launched just about 2 weeks ago. Since the launch, they’ve grown really fast – I mean really fast – and have thereby attracted a tremendous amount of attention and scrutiny. Some of the attention comes from those who know the Dave’s from other network marketing communities… most of which are now rabid fans who are more excited than perhaps ever before. Some people, however, think the Empower Network is simply another “here today, gone tomorrow” opportunity that is really just another excuse to pass money around, helping a few people get rich while taking advantage of a lot of people in the process…. nothing could be further from the truth.

Part of the misconception about the Empower Network is caused primarily by the fact that when you look at the homepage of the network domain, you’ll find about 10 articles, a handful of  videos, and some banners and buttons that, when clicked, will lead you to a capture page with a sales video to follow – that’s about it…. on the surface anyway.

What the casual observer cannot see is that in just over 2 weeks, the Empower Network has created more than 6,800 blogs.  All you need to do to see how many websites we’ve generated and how many pages exist on our domain is do a quick Google search that looks like this:

For those of that are totally unfamiliar with what that means, it means that in ADDITION to the front domain, there are about 16,800 pages already indexed in Google search, most of which were created by the members of the Empower Network community by creating blog posts, posting videos, and more.

What’s Different About the Empower Network?

The Empower Network blogging system was born from an idea David Wood had while walking through the mountains… what if he could remove ALL of the technical overwhelm involved in setting up a blog on your own domain and then create a process that leveraged his skill AND the proven model that he created of blogging for traffic.

For those that don’t know, David Wood has recruited thousands of people, built teams in excess of 7,000, and became the #1 producer in three separate organizations! So for those of you who don’t believe that their are six figure monthly income earners involved in “multiple deals” … that’s just false. David Wood is a shining example that multiple income streams are still a viable option for the motivated and determined.

More than that, the Empower Network’s blogging network allows David to leverage his incredible sales ability for your benefit. And he’s just giving it to people for less than a tank of gas! Members use the network sales funnel, complete with David Woods extremely high converting sales videos. This allows the members to get started marketing immediately, not having to worry about all the techie stuff. However, the real beauty of the system is that when an EN member makes a sale, they pay out 100% commissions on the initial and upsell revenues! This allows people to make more money up front, while enabling them to build their network marketing, MLM, or home business opportunity on the back-end.

The Truth About Why the EN System is So Powerful

Think about Facebook for a minute and their 800 million users. Now every Facebook users has a unique profile on the massive authority domain that is If you’ve ever done a search for something on Google and noticed that a Facebook page came up during your search, that is almost entirely because of the massive authority that Facebook provides.  The Empower Network is using a similar model – one huge authority domain and individual members profiles (i.e. blogs) within it. What this means is, each Empower Network member has the ability to obtain fast rankings on the search engines, which translates to increased website traffic as well. To be clear, I am NOT saying that the Empower Network is on the same level as Facebook, BUT in time it will become a massive authority online.

Here’s proof…

Age is one of the factors that the search engines consider when determining if a domain should be considered an authority. Even though they just launched, the domain is actually 9 years old! Here’s a screen shot showing the domain age:

Empower Network Registered in 2002And the reality is, the traffic ability of this network has already begun to show. The site has skyrocketed to the number 499 in the United States, and 5,929 throughout the world.  In case you don’t know, good Alexa ranks are those with the lower numbers – it’s the sites that you find with an Alexa rank in the millions that have little to zero traffic.  Here’s a screenshot from showing the traffic stats as of today:

Empower Network Alexa Rank

Additional Validation that You Should Know About

The Empower Network has the ability to pay out 100% commissions by having its members get their own Merchant accounts. This reduces company costs, which allows you to receive the full sales commissions. An issue arose last week when First Data (the primary merchant account company the Empower Network has partnered with) put a hold on the approving merchant account applications because the network was growing so rapidly that they were being inundated with new applications by the hundreds. The growth gave them pause and created a level of concern for the banks they represent.

As a result, First Data performed an investigation on Empower Network, LLC and their business model to ensure that it was NOT a ponzi scheme. The Empower Network PASSED the First Data investigation and was deemed to have a legitimate product and a legal business model. The hold on merchant account approvals was lifted and new accounts for Empower Network members are being approved daily. This is a tremendous form of validation because First Data is a company that has been around since 1964, they service companies like Wal-Mart and Starbucks, and are at the top of the credit card processing industry.

1/4/12 UPDATE: Empower Network is in the process of switching merchant account providers due to the insanely rapid growth that we’ve seen (10,000 new members in the 1st 30 days and $2,000,000+ paid out to members, to date). First Data was unable to keep up with the growth rate of approx. 300-500 new merchant account applications per day (which is understandable since that’s never been done before and since our servers had trouble with the growth rate at first too). A new merchant account agreement is currently being finalized. In the meantime, members are successfully using Paypal and Alertpay as an alternative. 

In conclusion, the Empower Network is a legitimate company with a legal business model that offers a fast and easy way for every day individuals to make money online. No technical skills required. No experience required. And the best part is, the network can become a part-time income for you, a full-time income for you, a way to increase your cash flow to pay bills, to fund your holiday shopping budget, or to fund the advertising budget for your primary home business venture – the Empower Network can be whatever you want it to be… assuming you could use some extra money. 😉


Feb 2012 Update – PLEASE NOTE:  I am no longer a member of Empower Network. While I still believe it is great program, I chose to focus solely on my Skinny Body Care business instead! I do not believe anyone in Skinny Body Care should join Empower Network simply because YOU DO NOT NEED IT! SBC distributors are provided all of the tools needed to build a successful business and our team provides FREE training that will save you money, rather than spending it on Empower Network. Contact me if you have questions or would like to join my team!

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  1. Tons of content here about Empower Network Mikayla… Enough for someone to make an educated decision on whether empower network is for them. Good Stuff!
    Robin Marks recently posted..Underground Secret For Targeted Website Traffic And Quality MLM LeadsMy Profile

    • Hi Robin, thank you for your feedback. I saw too many misconceptions floating around the net over the past week, so I had to write this post! I even saw a post from a reputable marketer telling people to “stay away” because it was an “Australian based scam,” and people were replying with “thank you for the warning” comments. :( I just shook my head and thought, now that is just sad because a program like Empower Network has the ability to help people make some good money, especially in a down economy when they need it most (right before the holidays). I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  2. This is an excellent write up of the Empower Network. I am excited to watch the Network grow and grow.

    Brandi Roberts

    • I’m excited to watch it grow too, Brandi! I’m even more excited to see people who’ve never made any money online make their 1st sale… and their 2nd… and their 3rd… 😀

  3. The post you have here on the truth about empower network is persuasive. This is really great specially for those individual who really want the truth about empower network. Very encouranging presentation. Nice one..

  4. Empower Network is a legitimate way to make money, but the only persons who make money out of that are one on the top and one that have bought all their products. I prefer having my own domain name and blog instead and a ful control over it.
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