Work-life balance is defined by Wikipedia as a balance between work (career and ambition) and lifestyle (health, pleasure, leisure, family).  I prefer focusing on a more…well, balanced approach: LIFE balance.

It’s not just about balancing life and work. I personally think life deserves more than an implied 50/50 split.  Life is more than that. Life balance is about trying to balance your time, energy, and attention each of the most important areas of life: mind, body, spirit, relationships, and yes – work/career/business too.  There are a lot of people these days that are living for their work. That’s cool but never forget what a rich, beautiful journey that life is. You deserve to enjoy every part of it to the fullest. Although life balance has several factors, they can be sorted into two main categories:  internal and external.

Internal Factors:  Mind, Body, & Spirit

Mind is about our thoughts as well as mindset and personal development. It’s being learning how powerful your mind is when it comes to how you view your life. It’s important to find ways to stimulate your mind intellectually while also finding ways to control it and make it work for you, not against you.

Body is about our physical health, which is critical to how we feel and perform in our daily lives. Therefore, taking care of our bodies is essential to our overall well-being. We all know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are the keys to good health, but it’s important to remember to rest and make time for adequate sleep as well.

Spirit is about our hearts, which is tied to our emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This area includes cultivating happiness, joy, positivity, and passion. It’s also about a deeper connection to your creator.  I am not (and will not be) talking about religion here…. I’m talking about spirituality – a connection to a Higher Power (you can call Him/Her/It whatever you identify with).  This is about finding your purpose and dealing with issues like depression and anxiety too.

External Factors:  Work, Play, Family and Friends

Work is your career, business, or job. This is where your earn your living and pursue your income goals.  This is anything from someone working at Target to being online entrepreneur.

Play is your leisure time. The time you take to participate in doing fun things! Obviously this is different for everyone, but often includes things like travel, sports, hobbies, and more.

Family is about maintaining healthy relationships and healthy boundaries with your family. This is about ensuring your have time to fulfill your family responsibilities, including the kids, your spouse, and extended family too.

Friends are about your social life. As human beings, we need to connect and socialize with other people. Have fun! Get out there in get social with your girls.

With life balance, the goal is to not to dedicate too much time, energy, and effort to any one part of your life. It’s about striving to stay motivated to achieve your goals and making steady progress towards those goals while enjoying life and living it to the fullest. It’s about finding peace and calm in your daily life and maintaining a level-head when life challenges arise. It’s about staying grounded within yourself and in every area of your life.

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