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Blog Post IdeasA few weeks ago, I shared some information on article spinning and the importance of focusing on creating quality content that offers value to your readers.  It dawned on me that not everyone is overflowing with blog post ideas and article topics. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it’s hard to sit down and write something that offers value and actually helps people. So I thought I’d share some of the ways I come up with blog post ideas.

Stay Plugged In To What’s Important In the Industry

The topics that are important in your industry can vary, but you can choose the ones that you think you and your readers will find most interesting. As a network marketer, topics that are important in my industry include networking events, company updates, prospecting, closing, lead generation, etc. As an Internet marketer topics include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, lead capture pages, traffic generation, blogging, social media, and more.

So how do you stay plugged into these topics? Following top blogs on these topics is great start to staying plugged in to your industry. You can read what others are talking about, stay updated on new happenings, and learn new things. Read books on the topics or listen to audio books. I do this daily and I always get some great blog post ideas based on the information I’m reading about.  Tapping into resources like blogs, books, and even online webinars will keep you updated on new topics and learning new things. This will allow you to take what you learn, try it for yourself, and then share your experience with others.

What About Private Label Rights Content?

PLR content is prewritten content that you purchase and have rights to use in whatever way you wish. Some bloggers buy it and then use it to help supplement their blog content when they run out of ideas. I love PLR content, but I’m very picky about where I buy it from because I’m a stickler for quality. In addition to this site, I have a few niche blogs that are designed to generate me affiliate commissions or Adsense earnings and PLR is great for those types of sites.

PLR is also great for generating blog post ideas. It gets your creative juices flowing so you can take some of the ideas in a PLR article, rework it, and then make it your own. Rewriting or reworking PLR content doesn’t have to be a complicated process either.  If you don’t want to completely rewrite your PLR article, but instead want to simply, but quickly modify a PLR piece you can try doing one or all of these instead:

  • Write your own personal introduction for the article.
  • Go through the rest of the article and change some of the sentences around a bit, and maybe even change a few words.
  • Cut part of the article or add a new section, which will modify it’s original length and make it more unique.

Here are few high-quality PLR Content providers I use and recommend:

Finally, here are some really great resources you can use for blog post ideas when you’re ready to write but just have no idea what to write about… or how to write it. Check these out!

  • – a blog by Michelle Shaeffer (co-creator of the Ultimate Blog Challenge) that’s devoted to giving your new blog post ideas!

These are all methods I use to generate blog post ideas, what about you?  I’d love to hear how you get your blog post ideas, so leave me a comment below and tell me all about it.

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  1. Mikayla

    I’m very lucky because, for some reason I always have something to teach to my wonderful readers, like yourself. So for me everything that I learn I’m able to turn into a blog post, and also add videos to it.

    and I always find something to teach my readers, but these are great tips on finding what to write about, because I remember when I first started blogging, I had sometimes where I couldnt find anything to write about.

    I think the most important tip you provide here is to stay plugged into whats important in the industry, so that we can fill the needs, and provide solutions to our readers needs.
    Kenny Fabre recently posted..what is nofollow?My Profile

  2. Great Mikayla, This is critical to internet success.. quality content! I agree that staying up on the latest innovations allow us to share this information with others.

    • Absolutely, Ken! Quality content is more important than ever give the recent changes to the Google algorithms. Google did a recent update that was all about “leveling the playing field” even more to balance out the rankings between the sites that have quality content and offer real value… versus the ones that simply “overly optimized.” Some are calling it Google Panda Update #2. What I’ve taken away from it all is the importance of creating a site that is designed to offer real value to your audience while being optimized with care.

  3. really insightful article. And indeed an obligation for me to say thank you for the useful article from a respected teacher. :)

  4. Great article! These tips are very helpful. Thanks for the info.
    Alice Chen recently posted..MLM Blog – 5 Reasons Why You Need One Right Now!My Profile

  5. Hi, Mikayla!

    You have awesome name :)

    I think to come up with good blog ideas consistently you need to read daily and listen to motivational audios/or watch motivational speeches. And yes, following blogs in your industry is certainly going to help to come up with ideas.

    Best wishes,
    Aleksey Zuravlov recently posted..Learn about pinging and web 2.0 “layering” techniqueMy Profile

  6. Hey MIKAYLA !

    Great post here! One of the biggest challenges I see with bloggers is coming up with topics to write about. I love your suggestions.

    I have not used other content providers too often, just on occasion. It worked out because they did the hard work and I was able to do a light edit to make it my own.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Lisa recently posted..Are You a Hobbyist or Business Owner?My Profile

  7. Nice post. Also, I love the theme of your blog.
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted..recipe secrets discountMy Profile

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