The ability to work in your pajamas and favorite fuzzy socks while staying home with a sick child is every working mother’s dream. There are plenty of men who long to avoid the long, smog-filled traffic commutes and office politics too. The fact is, working from home offers great flexibility, comfort, and opportunity.

What Does Working From Home Mean?

Working from home (or working at home) can mean a few different things. It usually means some sort of home-based business, but that can be an Internet home business (like an eCommerce website, selling things on eBay, etc.) or it can be a physical, in-person business you run from your home – like selling candles for Party Lite.

According to, “The Internet has not only made it easier to do some types of business but has created new business options, as well.” Here’s their list of some pretty cool internet home business ideas.

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Remote Work at Home Jobs

Working “remotely” is also a way of working from home. There are many now companies who have large teams of remote employees or independent contractors. This one is my favorite.  Remote jobs simply do not require that you physically work in the company’s office or store. The duties and work-flow set up allow you to work from the comfort of your home. You can do things like customer service, technical support, transcription, marketing, and so much more. There is a seemingly a never-ending list of things you can do from your computer or mobile device these days and that translates to jobs. These jobs allow you to avoid having to deal with supervisors face-to-face and those weekly office meetings. Yeah those.

Telecommuting is similar to working remotely, but usually implies a company office location is not far away. This allows you to attend company meetings and events, and may well be part of the agreement made between you and your employer allowing you to work from home in the first place. It’s pretty common. Some employers just want to see your face at regular intervals. I had a few fellow PTA board members that had an arrangement like this with their employers. It allowed them the flexibility they needed to volunteer their time to their children’s school while maintaining their income. Sweet deal.

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